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What Search Engines do you use?

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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom+Jul 16 2005, 08:05 PM-->
@Jul 16 2005, 08:57 PM
I'm very new at this. I have no clue what SE Spiders are. I just signed up with google and you put in keywords that you want your site to come up on when entered. I was good because they just changed it to where you can pay as little at 5 cents a click and you can set a limit like 10 dollars a day or whatever is right for you. This was much better than paying 100s of dollars a year. Any advice is welcomed

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Gosh, if you're at the level where you don't know what spiders are I wouldn't even know where to begin.... Here is a link that is extremely informative. The site is edited by Danny Sullivan, who is a Search Engine guru.... if you have time to read all the info, this site will teach you all the basics... and more...
Search Engine Submission Tips
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Thanks K/C - I can use that information too. I printed out the info. Can you tell me what the Web Hosting does besides cashing in the money we pay them ?
Aren't they supposed to do that stuff for us ? If yes, mine is not very good at it.
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