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Originally posted by ConnieVa@Jul 17 2005, 05:46 AM
Any suggestions about what to do with hair in face?

The hair between the eyes is long and grows up towards the top of Tuckers head.  Right now the hair isn't long enough to put back and it falls down in his face.  Is that the hair that needs to get long to put in a "boy's bow"?  He is only 15 weeks old and I am letting his hair grow.  Guess I will have to find a groomer but I am afraid they will cut him to short and I only want him trimmed but still afraid they will mess him up.

Any suggestions?????

The other hair over his nose parts and goes down on either side so it's ok i think.
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I can't help as Dixie is the same age and I am faced with the same question. I have heard to use doggie hair gel until it is long enough. i haven't found any as of yet in my area.
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