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What was I thinking?

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I got Little C at four months old. Other than having to be sure that I kept a very clean house because she got into everything, I really had no problems. We didn't have huge bathroom issues, there wasn't a barking/crying/whining problem (but then again, she was always left with Sir N, not alone), and there was no crying at night (but then again, she slept with us). I PURPOSELY got her at this age. There were other puppies I had looked at, but they were MUCH too young. One guy was trying to sell me a puppy that was at MOST one month old. I knew that the longer the puppy was with her dog mama, the healthier she'd be. I don't know how long Little C was with her mama and how long she was merely sitting there, unsold. But, I was very happy to hear her age and amused to get a discount because of my willingness to buy an "old" puppy.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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