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What would you do?

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I am a little short on time, so I will just give a very brief explanation.

A good friend of mine is getting married for the second time. Her first marriage was a quick one at the court house. This marriage is going to be a full blown extravaganza. She and the groom already have a child together who is four and recently diagnosed with Autism. There is a program that the state offers for children like him and he was accepted into it, however, she must pay $4,000 (it is actually like a $20,000 but the state picks up the rest).

She recently told me she isn't going to put him in the program because she doesn't have the money, BUT she is still planning on her wedding.

Myself, along with many other friends, are very upset over this. Yes, she can still cancel the wedding and get 90% of her money back, but she refuses.

If you felt as strongly as I do about this, would you go to the wedding?
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I also agree with Suzan. I don't know how much you have discussed with her. I would be very interested to know how she came to that decision, if other factors came in to the equation. Then I would go from there. Very sad.
Well in that case you can't really find out the facts, therefore you can't really judge her at all. So I guess if you want to go to the wedding then go, if not then don't. That would be my way of thinking. You are not condoning anything if you don't know the full story.
I agree although I can't really see a reason to why someone would throw a wedding party instead of taking care of his/her child who needs the financial support for that - just like you mentioned in the original thread: she will be able to afford if she didn't throw a party.

Nevertheless, there are two sides of every story. She might have the reason that I don't see :unsure: not really sure!
The problem with not being close to the person and knowing all the facts is that the financial thing may have just been a throw away comment, but there could be many reasons why they have decided that it isn't for their child, the financial being only one of them. People are so quick to judge these days. Pontificating what they think is right. It is easy to do, but walking in someone elses shoes isn't. I don't think it is anyone's business if they hardly know the family. I am sure that the people close to them know the situation and would take a much stronger stand, and those are the ones that they really care about whether they come to the wedding or not.

But of course if it is only the financial reason then I would be truly horrified. I have 3 grown kids and would give anything up for them.
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