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Both K & C are Taurus and the horoscope has a few bits that are correct but most isn't.

Your Taurean pet loves creature comforts. Pampering is a must! They can be very finicky with their food, and often will select just those tasty morsels from the bowl and demand particular table scraps. If you allow it, the Taurus pet will indulge in rich gravies and other succulent human foods, but be careful, as these could upset his digestion. NOPE

They love to be stroked and massaged for endless hours at a time, often nudging your hand to continue. You'll see them wanting to sleep on silk, satin, or warm, soft fleece blankets...nothing harsh or scratchy for them! This pet can be good with children, but needs to be your #1 child. Staid and stubborn, you might find this pet rather lazy, preferring to lounge the day away rather than go for a good long run. Consequently, weight gain is easy for them. NOPE

These pets train relatively easily, but do not like to change patterns once they are set...moving their bed or food is not to their liking. YES Keep toys and chewies on the softer side, as they do not like to work that hard for pleasure. NOPE And, be sure that their bejewelled collars are loose enough for full mobility and breathing room.
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