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You can start using what you have now, it won't harm her...but it won't work. :) Tear stain removers don't generally work, but keeping the eye area clean & dry does help! Has anyone suggested you wash her face daily with Spa Lavish Facial Scrub? It is great at cleaning the eye area and smells heavenly! Until Alice is about 1 year old, you shouldn't be too concerned about her tear staining as right now it's just from teething. :)

She looks beautiful, by the way. I'm so glad she's in a good home now despite her rough start!
Great advice above! :thumbsup:

And the good thing about you starting the face cleaning regimen with the Spa Lavish Facial Scrub, is that Alice will get used to the routine at a young age. And it really does smell that good!

I use a baby wash cloth for the scrub, they are thin, so they are easier to use.

Sounds like your an excellent Mama for Alice!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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