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tlunn- keep in mind that this is just my opinion! I am part of a yorkie forum and I cant tell you that many people have swithced to adult food at 8 months or sometimes even a little before. He will be fine if you switch him to adult food if this is what you want to do. If you look at the ingredients you will see that the only difference is that their are more calories because of the higher fat and protein. In fact there are a few foods out their that are ALL life stages food (one of which is the DVP natural balance). I can also tell you that their have been people that have called royal canin and basically the "yorkshire" on the package is a marketing ploy in my opinion, although the food contains ingredients that are suppposed to be good for a toy dog's health. I would look at the yorkshire terrier as a toy dog but not as a breed specific food, as there are NO foods out their that are "truly" breed specific. My advice would be to do a lot of research and learn all the ingredients that appear in these foods. Anything with byproduct, meal, corn should be a good indicator that you should probably choose another food (Im sure you are aware of that though). I have done a lot of research on food and will be feeding mine wellness, you can go to and look at the ingredients. Their are a few yorkies that I know on the royal canin but it is a little bit higher in fat than some foods out their and is a little bit pricey in my opinion for what you get. I have 2 adult yorkies that are over a year and just got my maltese who is 4 1/2 months old. I will actually switch her to the wellness when she runs out of her puppy food which will definitely be before a year (probably around 6-8 months), if she is growing good and has developed (which they do most of their growing within their first 6 months) than their is no specific reason to keep her on puppy food unless I think she needs the extra calories. Infact, its hard to separate the adult and puppy food, so we leave our yorkies food out like it has always been and Maya's food is in her pen, which is she isnt in when we are home we have to make it a point to keep offering her the puppy food and sometimes I will know she is hungry if she is eating my yorkies food and I give her the puppy food, but I would rather her get into the adult food than my yorkies get into her puppy food and gain weight. Like I said this is my opinion from the extensive research I have done on food. I actually did try the royal canin but mine wouldnt touch it, however every dog is different. Whatever you do will be the right decision if you are confident about it
consult you vet if you feel more comfortable, Im at my 3rd baby so I am getting used to worrying about these little things
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