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our daisy has done the same thing on several occasions.

at 3.5 months, she's doing really well w/ the potty training. the only times she makes "mistakes" are in situations that get her excited. she urinated on the carpet once when a visitor came and she went absolutely NUTS with excitement.

recently, when we tried giving her her first bath (we only got as far as the legs before she jumped on my dad's head), she again peed on the carpet afterwards.

i've done a little bit of research on submissive urination, and everything i've read says NEVER scold your puppy when this occurs, as it only exacerbates the problem. like ladymontava said, you can train sydney (and guests who visit) by not giving her too much attention when visitors first arrive. wait until she has calmed down. i myself have never tried this, but have read that this can be effective.

let us know how things go!
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