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when to start cutting hair

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I have a 15 wk old maltese puppy. I need to keep her hair short and I was wondering when does their hair start to really grow out, and when do I need to start getting her groomed? Thank you
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I'd say 6 months at the earliest.
I've never gotten my maltese hair cut as I'm growing out his coat though.
A lot depends on the pup. My Sophie arrived at 7 months with a full, to the floor coat, six months would have been way too long to wait (if I wanted it short). So you will just have to wait until your pup arrives and see how it grows. Both my pups had "sani trims" (trimming their underside so they don't get urine on themselves) from almost the time they arrived.

If you are going to use a groomer you might want to start with regular appointments from the get go to get your pup accustomed to going and being handled.
Nelson just got his first haircut on Friday. He was a MESS!!!! He would go outside and leaves and twigs would stick to him like velcro. He was getting matted. His hair was like cotton candy.

Granted he doesn't even look like the same doggy anymore :huh: I wish we would have done it like a month ago. But he is 6.5 months old now. He looks soooooo much better. And probably feels better too.

I mean it's up to you really. For the first time they will only do what the dog can handle. The lady told us it will depend how he is with it being his first time. But he was ok, other than tired...she said he was falling asleep standing up on the table :HistericalSmiley:

P.S. Oh yeah and like puppymom said!!! The urine under the belly was ridiculous, so he isn't smelly anymore! We would be constantly like wiping him off, but it was impossible unless you do a full bath to get him completely clean. Now when he goes out I just easily stick his feet under the faucet and he's good as new! Clean everywhere else still!
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Best to wait until they have all their shots and/including kennel cough vaccine if you are taking them to a grooming facility.
I do not mean to be negative but be very selective when choosing your groomer.

As for age........

I would depends on the pup. And it depends on the groomer. Some places are immaculate and some are filthy. Some groomers listen and some are selectively deaf (I am being kind) Also make sure your pup has the appropriate shots before its in a cage/crate where a potentially ill dog could have been.

Do not assume that all groomers are alike. We hear too many reports here of groomers that don't listen or cut too much or too little or otherwise dissatisfy the customer. I have heard of rough handling and even a near hanging/seizure. Get a good referral or go and stay during the procedure.

Please get references. I would want to observe them. And consider a visiting/mobile groomer or learning to "do it yourself".

My girls might not have the best haircuts but I know they aren't harmed.

Since you want to keep your pup in a short puppy clip,it would be a good investment to invest in some good grooming tools- reg clipper/ small clipper/ combs/ pin brush/nail clipper and multipurpose grooming spray ( OMG by Plush Puppy is great) I even eventually got a grooming table.

If you do go to a groomer bring photos of exactly the cut you want and have a good discussion where you validate that they completely understand your wishes.
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I also suggest you bring a picture of the cut you are envisioning... it's amazing just how much different the groomer can picture the same cut you describe (or they just plain forget and do their own thing)
Yep, what they said.

Remember, a bad haircut on YOU is easier to forgive than one on your baby least it is for most of us here...LOL! I have trouble trusting anyone to groom my two, so I decided a loooong time ago to do it all myself. Took a little outlay of $$ at first, but it's been worth it in irritation and aggravation cuz I KNOW no one around here (small town east texas) seems to be any good at grooming Maltese ((sigh)). And nobody can do it chepaer than me. :p
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