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I had a few moments of regret right after I got Pixie. Tuffy would look at me as if to say, "She's not going back to wherever she came from is she?" I think he got over the feeling that I had betrayed him a lot faster than I did. The turning point where I stopped feeling so guilty was one morning I had seperated them so they could eat their lunch and after about 20 minutes Tuffy started crying and crying and I couldn't figure out what was the matter. I thought he just wanted attention from me so I tried to cuddle him and play with him but he kept whimpering and running over to where Pixie was.. that's when I realized he was crying because he wanted me to let her out! As soon as I let her out he immediately ran to her with a tug toy so they could play. Of course, it really helps when your 1st dog gets along with the 2nd dog.. I'm lucky because Pixie and Tuffy are great together and really do love each other. I tried really hard to get a 2nd dog who had a personality that would compliment Tuffy's personality and I really think that's why they are a good match together.
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