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When you got your 2nd dog

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Hi everyone! Well, Kylee is still really young (6 months old) but I am seriously contemplating getting another one in the future..probably when she turns 1 or so. But the main problem that is sticking out in my head is that I feel like I would be betraying her if I got another one
. Has anyone else felt this way? I feel like she would be thinking.."mom, am i not enough?" I dont know maybe I'm a little
but any input is appreciated.
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I have to admit that sometimes Peanut gives me these sad eyes and he'll walk away if I cuddle with Tic
I love them both but every once in a while I do feel like Peanut misses his place as the only dog in the house. He was just so lovey and just a cuddle butt while I was in Florida with him (Tic stayed home with family). I always set aside some special "Peanut time" everyday. Don't get me wrong, the boys love playing together and they even cuddle together in the same dog bed, but I do feel guilty that Peanut feels bad sometimes. Since Tic gets some serious motion sickness, I will take Peanut out with me as long as someone can be with Tic at home. I just try to make Peanut feel extra special especially now that he is not doing well. It's hard sometimes because it makes me feel bad, but having both of them is great. The boys get along a lot better than I imagined they would. Sorry for the ramble
I love both more than you could ever imagine, but the sad faces that Peanut makes when I play with Tic are what hurt
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