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Originally posted by Nichole@Sep 16 2005, 02:28 AM
I am thinking of ordering the White on White shampoo and conditioner by Chris Christensen, but before I do, I was looking for some feedback.  I looked around on SM for information, but didn't find any.

*Does it do what it claims to do as far as whitening or is it just like Pet Silk's whitening shampoo (not that there is anything wrong with Pet Silk)?
*Is this a shampoo/conditioner that you use every time you bathe your dog?
*How does it smell?
*Would you recommend it?  Is it worth the money?
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My groomer told me not to use it every time i bathe maxi so now i let him use it once a month and i bathe maxi with gentle shampoo he says used to often it dries out there skin
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