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Hi everybody & everydoggy!
Here are some puppy pics of Paris & Coco.
I will try to post more often!

Paris: "Who is in MY stroller?!" :smmadder:
Product Baby carriage Maltese Dog Canidae

"She wooks very familiar!" :unsure:
Cat Product Felidae Small to medium-sized cats Fur

"I fink it's COCO!!! :wub: You are taking ME on a stroller wide, too, wight???
How do I get in here? It's all zipped up!"
Product Baby carriage Pink Magenta Baby Products

"I AM coming, too!" (crawls into undercarriage basket!):HistericalSmiley:
"I am weady to wide!"
Baby carriage Product Baby Products Pink Magenta

"I hope they don't see me...but I fink my tail is sticking out!" :whistle:
Product Baby carriage Pink Baby Products Poodle

Fanks for wooking at our pics! Wuv, Paris & Coco
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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