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Hi Lucy my husband is spanish here is hubby and my son and i am spanish italian irsh and polish
basically all american!!!!
Yeah hubby came up with "chico'' on the way home from picking him up it was me hubby fatherin law and our 3 kids and all taking turns calling out names and when he said chico i was like yeah i like it !! Then when Buddy came along we called him ""Buddy'' cause chico needed a buddy lolol
all my kids look like hubby dam his genes!!!!
here is a pix of me too much make up but me lol who do my kids look like ??????like i dont know

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Originally posted by doctorcathy@Apr 8 2005, 10:17 PM
i have it in my signature...i should put a pic:

but i have turtle (my red eared slider)

three fresh water fish.  and tweety (a yellow parakeet).

thats it! 

i soo want other animals though.  like marc marrone. 

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doctor cathy~ i love marc marrone i went to his pet shop a few times and saw him speak at a parrot show

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Originally posted by Triste@Apr 9 2005, 09:10 AM
I have Oliver (2 yr old Malt)
          Puddin (14 year old long haired black cat)
        Tashie (4 year old fat gray cat)
          Blondie (fat long haired hamster)

          Cory (12 year old moody preteen son)
          Kristen (9 yr old fashion queen daughter)
          Hannah (7 yr old tattle tale daughter)
          Molly (5 yr old spoiled rotten daughter)
          Sam(my "fifth child" aka hubby)
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love your post !! heres mine
pj 13 yr old son ~ awesome great kid
danielle 11yr old ~ why are kids so different?
katie ~ 3 yr old spoiled rotten
pete ~ love of my life
chico ~ loving but a pee pee head (not fully house trained after a year)
Buddy ~ trained in 2 days and hyper and loving

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Originally posted by tlunn@Apr 9 2005, 05:04 PM
Here are the dependents in my household...(why can't they ALL be tax write-offs?)

Fuzzy Friends: (in order of acquisition-some have since passed on

Spencer: 11-12 year old grey/white long haired spoiled cat. Rescued from a teacher friend whose husband was allergic.
Sandi Stray Calico/siamese cat. The best cat ever. Died of feline leukemia almost one year ago.

Abbey: 7 year old DUMB/SWEET Bassett Hound
Sunny: Orange stray cat that loved to be in hubby's engine-one morning hubby forgot to honk before he went to get the paper.

Annie: 5 year old SWEETEST black lab
Mickey SWEET grey cat given to my son when he was 2.  Mickey got some bacterial infection and died before we even knew he was sick.
My son still talks about him!
Callie Given to my son when Mickey died. She is a calico cat. Inside/fat/and VERY spoiled.
Momma Kitty and Little Bit Stray cats that came upon our yard. We fed them for a LONG time and Momma Kitty would bring us BIG dead full size rabbits and squirrels.
She REALLY loved us!
She got hit by a car one night. Her kitten, Little-Bit immediately got brought into the house. I couldn't bury another one.

Brinkley Well, ya'll know him!

Yes, that is all of them. SIX fuzzy friends that are alive and well with us! Whew!

In addition,
I also care for:

Son: almost 8 years old
Daughter: almost 5 years old (next week)
Husband: Well, he's kinda fuzzy too, maybe I should have put him on the PET list!

THAT is NINE dependents in my household...NOT counting me!
No wonder I can never afford a manicure!

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SHELIA ~ Thats great i love animals i also had a african grey but rehomed it when i got pg with my daughter stupid stupid stupid! I miss him still 3 yrs later he was a awesome talker soo funny!
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