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Why I LOVE my baby...........

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1. Sapper was bought as a companion for me while my hubby was in Iraq. When hubby was killed there, Sapper became my best friend and confidant.

2. Sapper seems to know when I am depressed or just a little down and will come and give me plenty of doggy licks and kisses.

3. Sapper loves to do funny things to make me smile and laugh.

4. Sapper is a TPaholic. If we accidently leave the TP down low enough he will atack it and strow it through out the house.

5. Sapper loves shoes as a toy and we made a deal. He gets my old ones and I keep my new ones.

6. Sapper still isn't completely housetrained and loves leaving me little "gifts" laying around so mommy has something to look for each day. LOL

7. Sapper is a mischif maker. I can not leave anything I don't want him to get laying around as he will find away to get it.

8. Sapper has decided he LOVES the middle of my dinning room table so mommy has to make sure the chairs are in all the time.

9. Sapper is on schedule for feeding so he makes sure mommy gets up and out of bed each day. If I get up to drink my tea first, he will come running to me and bang into my leg to make sure I know he is starving. LOL

10. When it is time for bed, I move my computer chair by the bed so he can get in and out of bed without mommy having to hear him whinning at night to be picked back up.

11. Mommy has to get all kinds of puppy licks and kisses before we can sellte down in bed.

Melinda and the licking Sapper
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Sammie and I are relatively new here, and we want to express our love and appreciation to your husband for his sacrifice. To you we send the warmest of licks, leaps and butt wiggles. Your baby sounds like the quintessential Maltese. Your love for him shines through in your list of attributes, and his little antics show his overwhelming love for his mommy. Aren't they just the most remarkable creatures?

I particularly enjoyed your comment about how he knows when you are feeling down. Yep, my Sammie does that too. He is more perceptible that most humans I know. He reads my moods better than Dr. Phil could, and knows how fix whatever is wrong, if only for a little while.

Soooo glad you have little Sapper to help you through a terrible time.

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