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Why is my malt doing this shaky thing?

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This is a little hard to explain but it happens all the time. I noticed if I scratch Vanilla's neck in a certain spot her right leg starts to move very fast......almost in the same motion as if she had an itch. I don't know if it has to do with some nerve or reflex. But it also does the same thing when I scratch a certain part on the side of her tummy. Just seems so strange???
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I think it's like a tickle reflex. Many dogs have the same reaction somewhere on their bodies. Cosy doesn't seem to have it but I know Toy does. Her spot is on her belly. Her hind leg goes 100 miles an hour when you touch the right spot. lol
Benny has a ticklish spot on his back.... it's really
funny watching his foot go!!! :wub:
As far as I know, it can be one of two things. Sometimes, like Brit said, it can be a ticklish spot. Other times, I have heard it can be an indicator of an area that either currently itches all of the time, or an area that previously itched for an extended period of time and touching the spot(s) makes them involuntarily move their leg as if they were scratching the area.

It's considered pretty normal, though! Neither of mine have areas like that, though.
I am sometimes able to find Aolani's spot and he shakes his leg like that too.
You've found the "tickle" spot. Kind of like with us humans. I know exactly where Lacie's is, but Tilly doesn't seem to have one. LOL
Ahhhhh thank you so much for all your quick replies. I am so glad it is a tickle spot and nothing more !:thumbsup:
:HistericalSmiley:That used to happen with my German Shepard mix I had years ago. I loved it...think it's a reflex or something, not to worry.
Sweetness and Tessa both have those. Tessa's is funny because it "triggers" the missing leg and you can watch her hip and "stump" twitch!
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