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I have that same grooming table, as it was highly recommeded here at SM.
'Course ours is pink! ;)
I use it for blowdrying and haircuts.
I put the girls in their regular walking harness, then attach it to the grooming loop.
A groomer showed me that method.

Brushing I do on a seatee (ottoman).
When I first adopted the pups, it was like trying to brush a wiggly squid! :w00t:
Now, the girls are clamoring for their chance to be first! They love it!

Bellys are brushed at the end of their brushing session, when they are super comfy.
When they used to be tentative, I would just alternate brushing and patting (with the hand not holding the brush)
Now, when they see me with a Madan brush, they are both racing to the ottoman, trying to jump on it!
Paris has even tried to jump on the ottoman, just in hopes that I will brush her. And she was so super wiggly before, that I was envisoning the rest of her life bald. Lol.

Teeth brushing I do everynight, before bed.
I sit on the floor, holding the toothbrush and they each run up to it.
I let them gnaw on it a bit and fit in some brush strokes with the gnawing.
I make it sound like a big treat!

I like that they will come running when they see their grooming supplies.
Of course, not the nail clippers!

Hope this helps a wee bit.

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And I guess just keeping him in a sanitary trim, so that it is short near his underparts will help a lot.

And for the tooth brushing, try letting him come to you.
Have the brush out with the tasty paste and see if he is willing to investigate it.

The first ten times I brushed my pups teeth, I didnt move the brush at all.
Just held it there, and let them investigate it, then chew on it.

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Thanks for the tips!!! Why don't you brush them on the table too? Does the table come apart, so it's easily stored? It looks like an answer to my problems...I'm going to get it. Your little Coco and Paris are adorable!
Yes, it's a great table for grooming.
Allthough I could brush them on it, I find the other way more relaxing.
I like to kneel on the carpet, have the large ottoman in front of me,
with a pup on top.
And I can brush/comb them forever like this.
I do this late at night, while DH is watching the TV.
They really like the comfy atmosphere.
And usually start to drift off to sleep.
And because I have 2 pups, I spend a lot of time brushing,
so comfort for me is also a factor.
The grooming table I use for more of a "I mean business attitude." ;)

Yes, it is very storeable. It does come apart.
Which I thought would be important.
But I just leave mine set up all the time on a desk in the spare room, which I use pretty much only for grooming.
I leave a special dog bed and den near it, so the pup who is not being groomed can hang out or nap.

Thanks for the compliment about Paris & Coco!

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ditto here. and paris and coco are totally adorable!
Thank you! They send you puppy kisses!

I really believe some dogs are more sensitive to brushing than others. Just like some kids are more tender headed. I know Toy's skin "crawls" when brushed but Cosy's doesn't, although she doesn't like her belly brushed. I think it tickles!
That's a good point, about it tickling.
Coco finds her neck ticklish, and gives a little head shake sometimes.
Like how humans do when we get a shiver.

After reading all your replies to my thread...I see others are having the same kinds of experiences..that is one of the reason I love being here on SM. I can always count on's so great!

I'm going to slow down on his brushing, a little at a time. Maybe I'm doing it for too long. I try so hard to get every little matt out. I have tried to put him on his belly with him on my lap...he only goes on his back for belly rubs...if I take that brush out he's right up again.

Thanks to you all, Rocky is learning and so is his Mommy!
Maybe try giving Rocky belly rubs and just having the brush beside you.
Then graduate to holding the brush with one hand and rubbing his belly, but not brushing it.
Then try 3 pats of the belly for every one brush stroke.
Pat with one hand and have the brush in the other.
These baby steps (okay, puppy steps! :thumbsup:) might help him.

That's what I did for my reformed wiggly squids.
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