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Shoni has always burped a lot, almost every time I pick him up. Now he's 3 and seems increasingly to have a problem with food/liquid coming up with the burp. It usually hurts his throat and causes a lot of coughing afterward. It isn't like vomiting, there is no retching at all, just a sudden spill over. It has nothing to do with having just eaten or being too full. It happens even when he wakes up in the morning and should have an empty stomach. He doesn't have to be picked up to cause it. It happened this morning as he was stepping out of his crate. Can happen at any time.

He has had a large variety of different foods over the 3 years and I don't connect any certain thing he eats as the problem. He usually eats only once a day, sometimes twice in small amounts.

I'm starting to worry about this. I don't want to go so far as exploratory surgery or anything invasive unless it becomes really necessary. It hadn't gotten to the place where I've asked a vet about this--but is now getting there. I don't know that much about a dog's anatomy--esophagus and stomach, so maybe someone who does could suggest what the problem might be. I know I have a hiatal hernia that cause reflux.....!:blink:

I can share with you that Snowball can experience an acidic stomach ... and, if he doesn't have three smaller meals instead of two meals, his tummy will get upset, he will burp and can have reflux.

If it were me, Dee, I would make an appointment with Shoni's vet. I hope Shoni's reflux problem is solved soon. I understand how we worry when we don't know what is wrong with our fluff babies.

Hugs for you and Shoni.

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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