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Will They Take Back Food ?

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Hello Yall ! I just read the food warning post and had just bought Solid Gold for my girl's the other day. So now I want to quit using it ...Do yall think Petco will let me exchange it for another kind ? What kind do yall suggest I get??? My girl's are verrrry picky eaters. They used to get NB Duck and sweet potato and I had to change cause they didn't like that one. That's why I'd switched to Solid Gold...Now I just don't know what to do !! Help!!

Hugs, Blanche
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No harm in asking. If not your local shelter might be happy to get it.
They certainly will take it back and refund your money! You might want to try Blue Buffalo.........seems like a really good product.

When mine were on Kibble, I went through several "bags" of different products and I simply took back the unused portion (almost the whole bag) and told them that they did not like the food and would not eat it. I don't even have picky eaters but Petco quickly refunded my money and didn't give me any problems at all.
Absolutely--go for it!
If Solid Gold was officially recalled, they will take it back and refund the purchase price.

If it wasn't an official recall, but the bag is virtually brand new (as in you only fed a couple of meals out of it), you can take it back to Petco and tell them your dogs wouldn't eat it and then exchange it for a different one. I've done this once and it is their policy to allow you to do that, but I went ahead and called ahead first to make sure.
I actually just came back home from petco...You can get a refund/exchange within 30 days with receipt...Receipt is important! If there is a recall I think the 30 days doesn't matter.
I just bought a 15 pound bag of Orijen at a store where they said they'd take it back if my dog doesn't like it or if it goes bad before he can finish it! I was impressed!!
You could try the Wellness brand.. I use the puppy mix and my friend uses the small breed adult mix, the red bag... She does real well with the Wellness...I was too but now my pup only eats if I hand feed her and shes teething. Other then that, good food IMO. Doesn't give my puppy gas like Solid Gold did.
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