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I am having a horrible time getting Wilson to eat on a regular basis. I feed him (2x a day) a 1/2 a cup of Nutro Natural Choice Small Bites with one tablespoon of one of the canned flavours mixed in, just to add moisture.

He rarely goes to his food bowl alone, most of the time I have to pick him up and put him in front of it- and stand beside him, if I walk away he will stop eating. Some days no matter how many times I put him in front of it, he just won't eat.

I have tried leaving just the kibble down (dry)- and he won't even touch that. I tried putting just warm water on the kibble, I tried putting a little warm beef broth on the kibble- he pulled the placemat out from under the bowl and "buried" it! (If he doesn't like something he will bury it!)

Other days he will march right up and eat the entire bowl!

I can't decide if I should try another brand of food? He has put on weight since I adopted him- I would guess a pound or just over a pound.

Is he just a picky eater? Does he hate the food I have him on?

Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated!
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