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Originally posted by Vikki and Audrey@Feb 14 2005, 04:59 PM
I have been calling and calling, and I can go and pick her up at 6pm. She has been there ALL day, poor little mite.

She had 4 baby teeth removed as well as the spay. According to the vet she is recovering well. I am still so worried about her, I thought I was vey practical about these things, but I actually cried when I left her this morning!!
My husband thought something awful had happened.

They didn't operate on her until after lunch - must admit I wish they had done it earlier, it's a long day for a 3.5lb puppy who hasn't eaten anything since midnight the day before. Just feel so bad for her!

I will let everyone know how she does post op - I just can't wait to have her home again, and yes, I have a onesie for her to wear at night to stop her licking the stiches.

Thanks so much for the thoughts and good luck to everyone having their babies spayed in the next few days!
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Be sure she gets some nourishment tonight... it has been so long since she ate. I believe there is a thread on here about what to feed after surgery.... I believe it was posted by JMM.... I'll try to find it....

EDIT:</span> Here is the info... you might find this thread helpful:

<span style="color:red">FROM JMM: I would feed something soft. If you don't have canned dog food, boiled chicken with white rice is nice and bland as well as soft.

You can feed her a small amount tonight. If she is not interested, I wouldn't be surprised. If she eats well, she can have more an hour or so later.
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