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Hi everyone,

I'm just writing this to inform everyone of the wonderful customer service we just received from Wizdog.
I guess now you are asking what is Wizdog. It is a like a litter box for dogs without the pebbles in it. If you take a look at the site it explains how it works better then I can and it does work. The only problem we were having was Chelsey and Chester were biting the grid that held down the wee, wee pads and paper. So I had to remove it the Grid then they started to chew up the wee, wee, pads.

Well they just upgraded the grid so the puppy cannot chew it up.
They had sent me a out email saying they have improved it and it cost 10.00 for the new one. Well for us in Canada that would = 30.00 with the tax and shipping handling. I sent then a email stating this.. and ask if they could replace it free of charge. (THEY SAID YES!!.) I’m SO HAPPY.

I just wanted to let everyone know they stand by there product and it does work for us. It keeps their paws clean because all the mess goes throw the grid to the wee, pad or paper. It's really your option, both our puppies liked it and Chester also learned to go inside on it . Chester would not go inside at all. He learned this in one week with this product.
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