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Won't walk once leashed

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Hi All. MuShu is almost 6 months now. He does fine wearing his collar. However, as soon as I put the leash on, he FREEZES in place. I have waited for him to walk so I can follow him; NOPE; and I tried gently tug on his collar to get him to move, HE WENT NUTS. Jumping up and down like I was torturing him. I have tried it so many times, he just won't walk on the leash. What am I doing wrong?
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Harley wasn't to fond of her leash at first, but I won her over with food. I threw one of her treats one foot in front of her, so she had to walk a little to get it. I did that a few times and threw the treat a little farther out each time. Eventually, she was having a lot of fun and almost forgot about the leash.
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