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Hi all,

I thought I’d share a peculiar experience I had with Belle last week!

So about 12 days ago I took Belle for her grooming session, the groomer has specific days and dates set for his Maltese clientele.

So in walked Belle and she was greeted by 3 other Maltese who were playing in the play area waiting for their turn. I left her there and picked her back up 4-5 hours later.

She looked great but her attitude towards food had suddenly changed. I usually give her basmati rice with chicken, carrots and beans. She tends to love it but for some unknown reason she suddenly did not love it anymore.

I spent the week feeding her by hand following her around the house until yesterday evening when she refused to even eat by my hand (but I knew she wasn’t sick and was just testing me because she was willing to eat her treats).

Anyhow, I took her to the groomer again today the same 3 Maltese came to great her however this time there was a fourth one there as well. He is a boy slightly bigger than the average Maltese. I left her in the playpen and saw the bigger boy approaching her before I left.

When I went back to pick her up she was happily playing with the big boy, they were both groomed and were waiting for their parents. The other three had already left.

We came back home and I gave Belle dinner stressing over the dance or battle of wills that we’d be having so imagine my surprise when my baby gobbled down her dinner like “mama’s very very gooo gooo girl”

Which brings me to writing this post. I don’t know if you’ll believe me but I think that the 3 Maltese that she’d spent time with last week sort of told her to act up and become a little rebel and I feel like the big boy today told her not to listen to them!


I don’t know maybe I’m taking my roll as Belle’s mom a tad bit too seriously but I seriously feel like she was influenced by the wrong crowd last week. To put things into perspective let me tell you how I imagine the scene (imagine the typical Hollywood teenage high school movie) the three Maltese all had long shiny hair with bows and all so you can think of them as the popular girls in school. And today she met the jock who’s really serious about his studies, he saw Belle as the naive new girl who’s cute and has potential but she isn’t tainted by the popularity aura yet so he took her under his wing!


Yeah I know sounds far fetched! But who knows what our babies talk about amongst themselves! Maybe just maybe my theory might actually hold some weight!

Mama’s goo goo girl Belle sends her love!💕

P.s. has anyone else experienced something similar whilst on a play date! I’d love to hear your story! Xoxo
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