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Woried about Baci

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I'm not the best at typing this all out but i will try to explain.About a month ago i noticed a little lump on the top of his paw around where his ankle would be.I took him in and my Vet that it might be a bone spur so we will keep and eye on it .Last week i brought him because when i was brushing his teeth a few times there was a small amount of blood on the brush i noticed a red spot on his gum line. My Vet looked and i should have his teeth cleaned and wile he was under scale his gums .Although i brushed his teeth every day he is 4 1/2 so it could happen.As he was examining his paw the little lump got bigger so while he is under he will take a xray if its not a bone chip i want a biopsy done. I am scared to death .There are a few Orthopedic Vets in the city I will probably go to the AMC although there is a Dr in Westchester that is very highly regarded plus my cousin lives in Bedford so would stay there.
Please Fri June 4 th say a prayer for my Baci....
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Ahh I hope it's nothing serious with little Baci! .. but I guess we are never 'relaxed' until that is confirmed! Will be keeping your little guy in my prayers!
Aww, prayers for you and beautiful Baci.
I hope everything turns out okay for your Baci!! I'm sorry, you must be so upset. Try not to worry until and unless you know something....Hugs.
I know you must be so worried and scared. We are all hear for you to give you support. We will keep you and Baci in our prayers.
I know you are very worried as I would be if it were my Yukki. You and Baci are in our prayers. Have faith everything will be just fine. Please keep us posted. Loves and hugs to you both!!!
I hope everything will turn out okay for your little fluff. Sending positive thoughts your way!
Sending prayers that everything will ok with Baci. :grouphug:
8 more days seems like such a long time to wait...I am so worried first to be put under than the dental and that red spot out of nowhere .I thought i did everything possible for his teeth.The little lump is about the same not bigger but not smaller.I just keep on saying the power of positive thinking but than I'm a worry wort..he is my baby .
Poor Baci! I hope everything will be okay..but I know you're beyond worried until you know!
Kathy - I just sent you a PM. I know how hard it is to wait but don't beat yourself up about the tooth issue. Lots of people do everything right to take care of their teeth and still have tarter, gum disease or cavity issues. I think it could be partly hereditary and could have to do with saliva issues.
We're sending tons of positive thoughts :wub::wub: and the anticipation of things is usually worse then what happens. Try to take it easy and distract yourself, somehow. Maybe by smothering Baci in hugs and kisses.
Don't worry about the teeth. Alex had a teeth cleaning every two years after he was 2 and still from time to time a little blood on the tooth line. Unfortunately he cannot have cleanings anymore due to his heart. I try to brush his teeth but we don't do it often enough. When I look at them they look bad to me especially one side. I showed the vet and she said "that's nothing". I guess compared to others it was nothing.
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