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...definitely a four letter word lol

So happy to have a job to help take some of the stress off my wonderful husband who has let me basically be a bum for the last many years...but then the real estate market went into the toilet.

But OMG, my feet are killing me. Really makes me feel old LOL...but my job for now is working at a Naturalist at an Aquarium in one of the casinos (we basically stand at different locations [all on concrete] for most of our shifts and answer questions/interact with the guests).

So if any of you have jobs where you are standing all day, would appreciate hearing what Shoes you wear (or what you do) to stop your feeties from aching... one of my toes has been numb for 3 days. I've tried Gellins (Dr. Scholls), thick socks, good shoes (Eccos) etc... don't know if I just need to get used to it or if I need better shoes. I actually wore my Sketchers on a whim yesterday because the bottoms are so thick and springy and they were a bit better...

Anyone have any ideas? This is a short term gig, seasonal til Labor Day... then hoping to move on somewhere else. Have something else in the works *fingers crossed* but still waiting to hear back from the HR department...not as much standing and closer to home...but def Not Complaining...with 14.5% unemployment in our city and the last real estate market expected to turn around in the country, I am truly counting my blessings. So many people out of work here (literally Thousands will line up for job openings here)...I pray that this mess the Country is in will turn around sooner rather than later. So many people are hurting and struggling now...
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I feel your pain.
I would have to wear athletic shoes. Can you move around a bit? Standing in one spot is the worst.
I would love to wear them but forgot to say that they need to look like hiking shoes since we're supposed to look like travel guides (the whole cargo outfit thingy) :p We have to stand in one spot
they make brown athletic shoes, maybe that would be ok.
I love Merrell brand shoes. Merrell | Store | Women | Footwear | Filters | Style | Shoes

I have had the mocs, the sneakers, the clogs, etc. and they have all
been very comfortable and offer great support. There are a lot of
styles to choose from, too. They are a little expensive, but they last

At least your job sounds interesting. Hope you find a comfortable pair
of shoes!!

uggs the most comfortable boots in the world!!! but then again its too hot for them.
I feel for ya. I attend a trade show each year and do a lot of standing and the foot pain is awful. It is nothing like everyday walking and no regular shoes have ever helped. I tried Uggs and they really didn't help and Birkinstocks didn't help either. I found that a lot of support is needed to help take the stress of your legs. Maybe ask some of the other folks who work there if they have found something that works. I wish I had the answer for you! Hang in there.
I like Merrell, but also, maybe there are some exercises to do at home, on breaks etc that might help with strengthening or to avoid or reduce the strain ?

I was a cashier once and we had heavy cardboard mats on worked, but you can't exactly do that.
I've had good luck with Dansko but don't know if they make that sort of style. New Balance has an "official postal carrier uniform shoe" in black that's good as well - not sure if black would work for you though.
Is there anything that you can rest one of your feet on?
Like a ledge or stool hidden from the public eye?
This helps take the pressure off, and helps your back, too.
And a rubber mat to stand on, if you are allowed.
Maybe you could find something at a uniform shop, as in public safety officer uniforms. :)
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