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Originally posted by Nichole@Oct 7 2005, 12:59 AM
My best friend's birthday is coming up soon (we have known each other since first grade) and I have just run out of ideas and gifts to give her.  We usually spend about $35 on each other for our birthdays.  Trust me, in all the years we have given gifts, we have given some crazy ones. 
  Some of them are just too embarrassing to even mention. 

Anyway, I was thinking about doing something similar to Oprah's Favorite Things, but instead do a Nichole's Favorite Things.  I have a beautiful designer bag that I got for a great price and I was thinking about filling it with things like my favorite shampoo/conditioner, nail polish, body wash, lotion, body spray, CD, scented candle and book.  Is that a fun idea or kind of lame?

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I should also mention that she is super hard to shop for! 

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I think that is a great idea!
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