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That is such a great idea- one I think I might have to borrow!

One year for all the women in my family and circle of friends- I did something similar. I found a woman who made the most beautiful tote bags from vintage fabrics- each woman got one, and then I filled it with small travel size things of really expensive makeup, polish, lotions, and perfume, and then a copy of my favorite book from that year. It was affordable because I bought the travel sizes, but still a treat, since rarely can any of us indulge in such extravagant items.

Another one of my favorite gift ideas is buying women really really nice makeup bags. I know I end up just using the freebies that come with my make-up, or buying a cheap plastic one at the drug store. If I see a sale on a nice leather make-up bag I buy it and put it in my gift closet.

Speaking of which, does anyone else have a gift closet? Over the years I have saved a fortune on gifts by buying things as I see them on sale- even if I don't have a person to give it to yet. It comes handy, especially for last minute gifts or name draw Christmas gifts for work.

Some of my best finds:
Mikasa was having a clearance sale on wedding things, they had beautiful 8x10 crystal frames on sale for $7.50 (regular price was $65!)! I bought 5 and have now given all but one away.

CostCo had Eddie Bauer golf umbrellas for $20!
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