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YEAH da Aunties are back from Atwanta!

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Aunties -

I am so gwad dat you are back cause I missed you awll so very much!! I'm gwad dat you had a GREAT time in Atwanta but SM swimply wasn't da same wifout you!

I'm so happy dat your back here's a BIG KISS!
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oh hunter sweetie, we missed you too! you are just too cute :wub::wub::wub: remy is sending nose licks to his buddy!
Huntaw, dis is Tylaw - at weast you were wit yaw mommy. My mommy weft me in New Yawk to go to Atwanta and I didn't even get a stinkin' t-shirt or anyting when she came back. :angry: Next time I'm hitch hikin' to Maine. You won't miss da aunties so much if I'm wiff you.:thumbsup:
I would kiss you back but I'm not dat kind of guy.B)
awwh !!! that picture is to die for -- these eyes melt the heart <3 too cute for words ^_^

we are also so happy that SM aunties had an awesome time at Nationals and are back to SM again :D

hunter n tyler u make my day!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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