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Your Malt's name

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I was wondering the stories behind the names of everyone's pups.

Since I'm in bed sick today, I need some good stories!

I'll start: Bernadette was originally supposed to be a boy, meaning we always thought we'd get a male and didn't consider a girl pup until we found out her mom was a rescue from a BYB. So we were going to name our boy, Boromir from the Lord of the Rings, then call himm Bobo. But... one night my husband was helping me cook in our ridiculously tiny kitchen and whilst he was chopping the onions he suddenly said: "Bernadette would be a perfect doggie name for a girl." So we had the name sort of in the backs of our heads for a long time and never expected to use it. Plus, Bernadette Soubirous was an awesome saint who helped coin Our Lady of Lourdes.

Your turns!
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I wanted to include my mother in the whole "new baby" thing so I asked her to suggest names and she choice the name of a local doctor Jody that she heard and she liked his name, but I have no idea who he is.

I changed the spelling so it wouldn't be so much like my sister Judy's name. She chose a name I like thank goodness.
Ok here goes:

Snoopy because he looked like a little white beagle when he was a baby. (Charlie Brown's Snoopy)
Mia because it means mine in spanish and she was going to be all mine!!:wub::wub:
Cody I have no clue I thew out a few names to my friend and Cody stuck.:wub::wub: (his name WAS Billy Bob :w00t: what were they thinking!)
KCee because I wanted to stay with human names and again throwing around names and this one stuck.:wub::wub:
Bella because it means beautiful in spanish and she is just that!:wub::wub:
Snowy got his name from the high mountains in Garmisch, Germany; where the snow can be found all year long. I got Snowy as a surprise gift from my parents. I didn't expect it. I didnt have a name in mind. I was supposed to leave to Garmisch at that period. While I was talking to my friend about that place (we were having snow talks), I was looking at the pup, bouncing here and there like a lil white fluff ball. I immediately told my friend "this pup looks like a snowball! Snowy it is then :D".

Crystal (like the snow crystal)- , here is her story (I copied it from from somewhere else):
as woofed by Snowy: "Mommy had a problem...She didn't know what to name her *the little pup*..My poor sis stayed with no name for awhile There were lots of cute names mommy thought of and alot of adorable names people suggested, but she didn't know what to choose until this morning. While I was taken for a walk by mommy, the perfect name popped up on mommy's mind. Mommy heard of that name before, was on her list and people did suggest it to her too, but today this name sounded perfect on my sis. By the way, my sis joins our walks, but stays in mommy's arms coz she is too little to go for long walks =)
Anyways, when that name popped up in mommy's mind, she said it out loud while looking at my sis in her arms. Crystal she said...and my sis looked at her immidiatly..Mommy felt as if my sis was telling her: "yeah!! thats my name, Crystal is what I wanna be called". WOOOHOOO my sis has a name now Yipppeeeeeeeee" Snowy

I don't think there is a Melon out there...not a common name for a fluff, but this is my Melon:wub:

Her first nap was in a water melon empty box that was left in the kitchen floor. My sis was like: "our pup turned into a melon". That is how she got her name.

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Bailey was already named when I got her and I liked it so I didn't change her name. When I found out that I was getting another girl I wanted a name that kind of went with Bailey's name but didn't sound too similar and get them confused. I googled tons of baby name websites and finally settled on Sophia as her name but decided to call her Sophie. So I have Bailey & Sophie. They sound somewhat similar but different enough to not be confusing :)
Mercedes was the name the breeder gave her. I was going to change it but just could not come up with a new name that suited her. I am now happy with her name and I think she is the only Mercedes on SM.
Lucy - my kids named her Illusen (from Neopets) but with a call name Lucy
Caddy- already came named
Caira - Her registered name is Ch Midis Queen of the Nile so I wanted something egyptian, so came up with 'Cairo' but with an A at the end. it suits her!
Lois - was named after Lois Lane. She is loud and gets into trouble a lot so it is a very fitting name.
Truffles - has this cute little 'RUFF' so I started calling her Ruffles which turned into Truffles.
Emma - came from Glee. (Glee fans will know why she is also called Erma, LOL)
Tanner: I went thru the phone book and started writing down all the names I liked. Tanner was almost Conner, but I liked Tanner best.

Frankie: came with his name and I liked it so I kept it.

Jamie: The breeder called her Dovey, but I've always liked the name Jamie, so I call her Jamie Dove.

Now I maintain a list of names I like. I think the next one's gonna be Rudy...
For some reason I was stuck on "D" names. I was leaning toward Daisy but on the car ride home with her I decided she should be "Dora" because she's a-DORA-ble. Of course everyone thinks she's Dora the Explorer. Oh well.
Well my little guy was called Morgan (short for his registered name Cherub's Captain Morgan) and that was OK, but hubby had thrown out Humphrey. I was so happy that DH was taking an interest (long story but ask me if you meet me why my furball is called "Righty" in fun, now...) I didn't like Humphrey, but I did like Bogart. I tease DH that now my little Bogie just needs a Bacall!
Kitzel---means to "tickle" and we chose it because we wanted laughter in our home again after losing 3 dogs too close together---one from old age (maltese born w/liver disease but w/love & surgery survived), our maltese grand dog died last Sept. in our care (heart and pancreatitis) & our rescue bischon-maltese mix died in late Jan. from aggressive mouth cancer. After too many tears we are starting over w/a puppy ---thus Kitzel!
well i think my doggy is as sweet as could be so dolce it is .. actually my daughter said if we get a boy its going to be dolce(dolce gabbana) and if we get a girl juicy( from juicy couture) but now if we were to get a girl she would be gabbana

forgot to say that when i got him he was named dale , but i didnt like that at all.
Paris has her name as she is a diva... Named after a celebrity.
Coco's name was suggested by Amby and it really suits her for funny reasons.
It was hubby's fav from all the list of suggested names, and I wanted him to help pick.
And she is so fluffy she is like a Coco Puff.

At first I wanted just candy names, then went with extravagant/frou frou names.
Because they make me smile.

And Sunny (from years ago) was named by a pal who kept calling him "Sonny!!"
like from Gramps on the Simpsons....
So I called him Sunny, as he was a little ball of sunshine.
Nikki's name is Nikita Grace because my husband likes the name Nikita, and I like the name Grace.

Other names I'd kicked around: Michou, Mika, Josie, Sasha and Libby.


The family had decided to name the next dog 'Wolf' and when we picked him out and brought him home, one of the kids said "He is too small to be a wolf.....let's call him Wolfie!"

and so we did!
We named our fluffnugget Buckeye, because my family members are true, die hard, from birth to earth, Ohio State Buckeye fans. :)
Well it all started with Cloud, :cloud9:eek:r rather it started with his mom.

His mom was owned by my neighbor who was from England and had two beautiful Maltese called Chester and Chelsea (after places on the Isle). When Chelsea had her puppies, they gave the litter temporary names. They were Chloe, Cleo and Claud. So, I took care of the pups all summer and his name was Claud. I didn't want to keep that when he became ours and we tossed around some ideas. But my father suggested Cloud and since I was sooo used to calling him Claud I thought it would be an easy shift. So despite contrary popular opinion I did not start the C-thing because my own name begins with a C.

My next Maltese was Clancy-she was renamed when we adopted her from the County Humane Society. Her original name was Tanya which she did not seem to know when she came. I tried it, didn't like it and since she didn't respond to it anyway I began thinking of names. A girl in my elementary school was named Clancy. It just seemed to fit. I later figured out that I wasn't saying Tanya with a southern enough accent. She did actually know her previous name but you had to say it with a lot of twang like as in Tanya Tucker which kinda rhymes with Clan.

When we got Clouseau he was also a rescue who had been through a few names. One was Lulu, another was Lovey. Neither of them suited this boy. So after hearing how he inspected the house on arrival, my neighbor suggested Clouseau.

Calypso, was also renamed. Her first family was abusive and I didn't think she needed to keep the memories along with her old name (Buffy). So she got a C-name, too. I didn't know until after I selected it that Calypso's cave is a major tourist attraction on the Island of Malta. Reported to be the cave Ulysses encountered on his travels.

Cameo was a name I just loved. It seemed so perfect for our little white jewels. Cameo came with the name Missy and so we always called her Miss Cameo. I thought it sounded as beautiful as she was.

Cadeau was my first show dog. I had by this time written down a number of C-names that I liked. Cadeau means gift in French. His full name is Jacob's Beau Cadeau des Anges, this means Jacob's beautiful gift of the angels.

Cadie was named after her sire Ch. Divine's Bright Morning Star. Her full name is MaltAngel Cascading Starlight. I thought of the name when I was watching fireworks on the 4th of July.
:celebrate - firewor

Cacia was also named after her sire Ch. Jacob's Raisin' Arizona. Her registered name is Jacob's Arizona Sunshine.:Sunny Smile: I wanted her to have a C-call name. It is just tradition around here now. So, I thought of things related to Arizona. And playing around on the internet I stumbled on the Acacia tree that blooms in the desert and has flowers like the sun. So there it was (with a little editing).
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Delilah Rose's name comes from the Delilah Rose bush that I have in my front yard, and it's getting ready to bloom soon. It has these gorgeous pink roses on it. :)

Her full AKC name is Jacob's Duet is My Darling Delilah Rose. The Duet part is in honor of her Mom and Dad- Dreamy and Cadeau who sure can sing! ;)
I dunno if anyone remembers this but when I first joined, it was about 2 weeks before I was picking Milo up and I couldn't decide on a name - I had narrowed it down to 3 - Henry(which was always the front runner in my mind), Koda and Milo. Most of you said Milo and he sure is a Milo! :D
I couldn't really make a name from his registered name - Suncube don't pass me by.

My new boy will probably be named Koda, which I found out means "friend" :D
Ajax was named after the Ajax cleaner (it's white and clean) and the Trojan Greek God. My boyfriend and I thought it was fun to name him after something so big and powerful since he was tiny. His registered name is Richelieu's White Tornado - they called Ajax cleaner White Tornado when it was first out - and he's fast! :)

McKenzie was called McFatty as a pup and I wanted to keep the Mc part. There aren't many Mc names and my favorite was McKenzie and I liked Kenz for short - and it sure does fit her! Her registered name is Bellarata's Little Miss Sunshine. I call her Little Miss Kenz a lot and she is very full of sunshine, not to mention I love the movie and think it's hysterical (and Kenz makes me laugh a lot).

Joey was named after a baby kangaroo - b/c he JUMPS like, well... like a kangaroo.
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