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Well it all started with Cloud, :cloud9:eek:r rather it started with his mom.

His mom was owned by my neighbor who was from England and had two beautiful Maltese called Chester and Chelsea (after places on the Isle). When Chelsea had her puppies, they gave the litter temporary names. They were Chloe, Cleo and Claud. So, I took care of the pups all summer and his name was Claud. I didn't want to keep that when he became ours and we tossed around some ideas. But my father suggested Cloud and since I was sooo used to calling him Claud I thought it would be an easy shift. So despite contrary popular opinion I did not start the C-thing because my own name begins with a C.

My next Maltese was Clancy-she was renamed when we adopted her from the County Humane Society. Her original name was Tanya which she did not seem to know when she came. I tried it, didn't like it and since she didn't respond to it anyway I began thinking of names. A girl in my elementary school was named Clancy. It just seemed to fit. I later figured out that I wasn't saying Tanya with a southern enough accent. She did actually know her previous name but you had to say it with a lot of twang like as in Tanya Tucker which kinda rhymes with Clan.

When we got Clouseau he was also a rescue who had been through a few names. One was Lulu, another was Lovey. Neither of them suited this boy. So after hearing how he inspected the house on arrival, my neighbor suggested Clouseau.

Calypso, was also renamed. Her first family was abusive and I didn't think she needed to keep the memories along with her old name (Buffy). So she got a C-name, too. I didn't know until after I selected it that Calypso's cave is a major tourist attraction on the Island of Malta. Reported to be the cave Ulysses encountered on his travels.

Cameo was a name I just loved. It seemed so perfect for our little white jewels. Cameo came with the name Missy and so we always called her Miss Cameo. I thought it sounded as beautiful as she was.

Cadeau was my first show dog. I had by this time written down a number of C-names that I liked. Cadeau means gift in French. His full name is Jacob's Beau Cadeau des Anges, this means Jacob's beautiful gift of the angels.

Cadie was named after her sire Ch. Divine's Bright Morning Star. Her full name is MaltAngel Cascading Starlight. I thought of the name when I was watching fireworks on the 4th of July.
:celebrate - firewor

Cacia was also named after her sire Ch. Jacob's Raisin' Arizona. Her registered name is Jacob's Arizona Sunshine.:Sunny Smile: I wanted her to have a C-call name. It is just tradition around here now. So, I thought of things related to Arizona. And playing around on the internet I stumbled on the Acacia tree that blooms in the desert and has flowers like the sun. So there it was (with a little editing).
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