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Ajax was named after the Ajax cleaner (it's white and clean) and the Trojan Greek God. My boyfriend and I thought it was fun to name him after something so big and powerful since he was tiny. His registered name is Richelieu's White Tornado - they called Ajax cleaner White Tornado when it was first out - and he's fast! :)

McKenzie was called McFatty as a pup and I wanted to keep the Mc part. There aren't many Mc names and my favorite was McKenzie and I liked Kenz for short - and it sure does fit her! Her registered name is Bellarata's Little Miss Sunshine. I call her Little Miss Kenz a lot and she is very full of sunshine, not to mention I love the movie and think it's hysterical (and Kenz makes me laugh a lot).

Joey was named after a baby kangaroo - b/c he JUMPS like, well... like a kangaroo.
1 - 1 of 81 Posts
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