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When we first put our deposit on Sassy I asked the breeder to start calling her Shellby. But after we brought her home I realized Shellby didn't fit. So we tried several names ie, Emily, Katie, Mitzy, Madison, I can't even remember all the names we tried. After a couple of weeks I took her to the vet for something. You know how new moms rush to the vet for no reason. :innocent: The girl at the front desk asked her name and I said she doesn't really have a name yet. So she suggested that we put a name on her chart and I could change it later. I said, well she has been so sassy this morning so today I will call her Sassy. Once we got back home I told d/h that the name of the day is Sassy. Guess what? Her little head popped up like she knew that name. Each time I would sing out, Saaasssssy, she would come running. So I guess in reality Sassy chose her own name. Trust fits. :chili:
:wub::wub::wub:Love Sassy and love the story of her name just as much.
81 - 81 of 81 Posts
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