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Originally posted by vita@Nov 16 2004, 12:23 PM
The yuck has arrived. The ingredient list is simple...water bicarb soda and ROSEMARY. Call me  a nut but of course I tasted it. Trust mei t is much more lousy tasting than bitter apple. I don't have chewing puppies around so wont be using it on furniture but since it has no alchohol I would assume that it would be better for fabrics and furniture. Even if you sprayed it on those things it is not an aerosole so why would it disperse in the didnt have a terrible smell..just a terrible taste.  I did spray it on a paw that was getting its "morning" licks...and boy did Boris stop licking fast! I suppose they might get accustomed to the taste..but I can't  imagine that! least at this point I would recommend this product.
It can be used over medications that are applied to the skin so if you were treating a hot spot you could use the spray antibiotic/cortizone and spray this on does not sting. Do be aware that dogs lick their paws because it is a symptom of allergy and you want to get to the underlying cause. Using this product is a stop-gap measure to make sure the dog doesn't cause sores and infections. Paw licking and chewing can be bahavioral as well and you would want to see what caused this habit to start and address those causes and use this kind of product to break the cycle and fix the cause as well.
So anyway...I would recommend a little yuck in your life!
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Thanks for the update! There are so many things out there that you would have to be a billionaire to try them all!
If our tail problem continues (she is getting less obsessed) I will definitely get some YUCK!
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