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Zippy wants to catch up on SM

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First, Zippy says hi to all of her buddies.

Zippy and I have been away for several weeks from SM among other things.

As some of you know, Zippy was in training for Rally as well as becoming a therapy dog. She was doing quite well, and was so happy to do it all. We have had to take a hiatus though from this.

In March, I left for a trip. Things didn't work out with the vets office to leave Zippy while I was gone. I left her with someone I considered a dear friend of 11 yrs.

When I returned, Zippy wasn't acting right. She was doing a little cowering when I put her leash on, and wasn't acting right overall. Usually when we practiced the "come" command, Zippy would come running like a charging bull almost sliding to a stop as she got to me. When I saw her lower her head, tail down, and creep toward me, I knew something bad had happened. This isn't Zippy...she is a brave little soul and spunky.

Upon xray and physical exam by our vets, an injury was found to the cervical area. She has healed very well. She is acting almost like herself again. We have started with the leash again...still have a way to go, but there are improvements. Hoping to start with our trainer again soon, but for now the vet says to just give her a little more time.

This of course has severed an 11 yr relationship. The responsible party denies anything at all happened to her while in her care...which incidently she was well compensated for financially. I was willing to listen to her, and work things out, but she quickly decided to end the friendship.

So be it. At any rate, the Zipster is back and hoping to catch up.
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oh no, I'm so sorry that you and little Zippy had to go through this, but am glad that she's almost her old self again. It's painful to know that you put trust in someone only to find out that they aren't trustworthy.
:crying: I'm heartbroken to hear that story about Zippy. How sad. We know when there's something amiss with our babies. I would be beside myself. Did the vet venture any guess as to how it could have happened? Cervical-- very strange. Do you think a male dog could have been involved while under your "friend's" "care." I've just never heard of that kind of injury and don't know what could cause it. I had expected you to say a slight fracture somewhere. No wonder you severed that relationship. It's entrusting them with your child and the child coming back with something very wrong. I'm so sorry this happened to Zippy and hope that she will heal soon and be her old wonderful self with lots of trust and self esteem again. Thanks for coming back to us. Just wish the news had been better. Sending thoughts and prayers.:grouphug:
I'm so sorry to hear this - it's frightening to think a trusted "friend" might have hurt your baby - did the vet have any ideas on how this might have happened? Maybe "Shaken puppy syndrome"? I'm glad Zippy is recovering nicely.
Welcome back Barbara, sorry to hear about precious Zippy, my husband and I get into some real heated arguments when he wants me to leave the girls with someone, no I have heard to me horror stories, makes me paranoid. I think your friend might be feeling abit quilty over not watching Zippy close enough. I hope she feels better soon. I'm just so happy your here. HUGS to you
Aw, I'm so sorry to hear this sad news about Zippy. :(

Praying she is on her way to a full recovery.

Oh no! Poor Zippy, I hope she recovers quickly! It's so hard to leave our fluffs, but to come home to find them injured is just awful, I can only imagine how distraught you were/are. :grouphug:
Poor Zippy. Something happened or he would not behave like this.
It's to bad this has happened. Glad Zippy is doing better.
Glad to "see" you back here. Glad Zippy is going to be okay.
Oh, poor Zippy! Neck pain is awful! Praying for a complete recovery.
How sad this has happened. I think I would be spitten bullets.
Happy to hear zippy is getting better.
Oh Barbara I am at a total loss for words. I'm heartsick about sweet Zippy. I'm so glad she's doing better but what an awful thing to have happened. I'm so so sorry. Give her some lovin' for me tonight please. I just want to hug her.
Oh, I am so sorry to hear this happened. :( Poor Zippy.

I'm glad to here she's doing better, and I pray she makes a complete recovery. Hugs to you both. :grouphug:
OMG, how I wish our little ones could talk at times. I can't imagine being in your shoes. I'm so glad that he is going to heal physically. I hope given time and love, he will bounce back to his former self. I am so sorry, you must be devastated. :grouphug:
Hi Barbara, welcome back! I am so sorry to read about Zippy's injury. It is too bad that your now ex-friend wasn't reliable. I hope Zippy feels better soon and back to her Zippy-de-do-dah self!

*The question I would have to know the answer to is, was the injury due to an accident or abuse????
o my, this is so sad! i hope you and zippy recover quickly from this episode. :grouphug:
How horrible for the both of you, Barbara. Thank God beautiful Zippy will fully recover, mentally and physically.
Wow. The loss of a valued friendship and concern for your poor Zippy must be really hard for you. I'm so sorry you and your dear fluff have had to have this experience. Hugs to you both!
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